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This site was initiated by Bruce Ravelli (University of Victoria) with the research help of Faith, a VCURA undergraduate student. Our hope is to provide this open database to help visitors find Canadian applied sociologists and/or Community-Engaged Learning/Research resources, quickly and easily. We recognize and appreciate VCURA’s support for this initiative.

Tobias Wiggins

Photo of Tobias Wiggins
Athabasca UniversityGender Studies Website: Athabasca University Website: Athabasca University – Gender Studies Website: Tobias Wiggins’ Website

 A Dialogue on Therapeutic Peer-to-Peer Models for Trans and Nonbinary Surgical Support

Community-based qualitative research project that aims to trace the effects of COVID-19 on transgender communities’ mental health in Alberta (In Progress)

The implications of cisgender adult’s anxious and defensive response to gender non-conforming youth (Research Project In Progress)

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