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Francisca Omorodion

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Correlates of casual sex amidst vulnerability to HIV among ACB heterosexual men in Ottawa and Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Sexual Debut Among Heterosexual Men of African and Caribbean Descent: Are the Youth Initiating Sex Earlier than the Older Generation?

Advancing Research for HIV Prevention among African, Caribbean and Black men: Protocol for multi-site Cross-Sectional Study in Ontario.

The Influence of Mass Media and Pop-culture on Young Heterosexual African, Caribbean and Black Canadian (ACB) men in Windsor, Ontario.

Concurrent sexual partnerships and HIV testing among heterosexual Black men in Ontario, Canada: findings from the weSpeak study.

Factors Associated with Condom Knowledge, Attitude, and Use among Black Heterosexual Men in Ontario, Canada.

HIV exposure through heterosexual contacts: Analysis of demographic, behavioral and structural risk factors among Black men in Ottawa and Windsor, Ontario.

Access to Healthcare Services among Heterosexual Black Men in Ontario, Canada.

Mapping Contextual Drivers of HIV Vulnerability: A Qualitative Study of African, Caribbean, Black Youth in Windsor, Canada. 

Knowledge and Perceptions of Female Genital Mutilation among African Immigrant Women in Windsor, Canada. 

¬†African Immigrant Women’s Perceptions and Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence in Canada.

The Perception of Religious Leaders on HIV and their Role in HIV Prevention: A Case Study African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) Communities in Windsor, Ontario.

Perceived Neighbourhood Quality and HIV-related Stigma among African Diasporic Youth; Results from the African, Caribbean, and Black Youth (ACBY) Study.


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