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This site was initiated by Bruce Ravelli (University of Victoria) with the research help of Faith, a VCURA undergraduate student. Our hope is to provide this open database to help visitors find Canadian applied sociologists and/or Community-Engaged Learning/Research resources, quickly and easily. We recognize and appreciate VCURA’s support for this initiative.

CEL Research Articles

Website: Outcomes of a controlled trial with visiting therapy dog teams on pain in adults in an emergency department Website: Perceptions and experiences of health care professionals and staff with animal-assisted interventions in health care settings: a qualitative systematic review protocol Website: Conducting Patient Oriented Research (POR) in a Forensic Psychiatric Facility: A Case Study of Patient Involvement Website: Benefits and Challenges of Having a Service Dog Among Veterans in Recovery from Substance Use Harms Website: Dog-Assisted Physical Activity Intervention in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Feasibility and Efficacy Exploratory Study Website: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Spent 30 Min Less Daily Time in Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity than Typically Developing Peers: a Meta-Analysis of Cross-sectional Data. Website: Public support for harm reduction: A population survey of Canadian adults Website: Perceptions and use of alcohol and medical cannabis among Canadian Military Veterans living with PTSD Website: A commentary about lessons learned: Transitioning a therapy dog program online during the COVID-19 pandemic Website: “Examining Changes in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Substance Use among a Sample of Canadian Veterans Working with Service Dogs: An Exploratory Patient-oriented Longitudinal study” Website: Factors affecting willingness to receive COVID-19 vaccine among adults: a cross-sectional study in Bangladesh Website: PAWS Your Stress: The Student Experience of Therapy Dog programming Website: How companion animals support recovery from opioid use disorder: An exploratory study of patients in a methadone maintenance treatment program Website: Recognizing animals as an important part of helping: A survey exploring knowledge and practice among Canadian social workers Website: Patient opinion of visiting therapy dogs in a hospital emergency department Website: Tobacco Smoking Among First Nations Youth Living on Reserve and in Northern Communities: A Mixed Methods Study Website: Social determinants of self-reported health for Canada’s Indigenous peoples: a public health approach Website: Effects of a therapy dog program on the wellbeing of older Veterans living in a long term care residence Website: Life in recovery from addiction in Canada: Examining gender pathways with a focus on the female experience Website: Prisoners Accessing Relational Connections with Dogs: A Just Outcome of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program at Stony Mountain Institution Website: A case study of the patient wait experience in an emergency department with therapy dogs